About Animalista


What inspires us
Daily life inspires us! Streets life, people going on.. walking around. The little details and simple things that are unnoticed during the day. The common and simple, sensations and emotions send by each color, texture and material that gives life to our products.


Carolina Hoyos Saldarriaga
Colombian born in Medellín
Animalista Founder
Industrial designer from UPB

37 years old, mother of 2 and wife. Entrepreneur and family woman with a constantly moving life, passionate about uncomplicated life and small details lover, full-time entrepreneur and convinced of local talent.


Animalista was born in Medellin, Colombia in 2011 as a dream and a personal need to find shoes and bags in the market that were sporty and elegant but at the same time adaptable to several occasions and animal friendly.

Additionally, it was sought that both labor and materials were Colombian, to preserve the manufacturing of shoes in an artisanal way and to adapt it completely to the use of alternative leather materials such as canvas, synthetic and 100% recycled canvas.

We seek to value and respect those who are involved in the manufacturing, designing and marketing process.


We believe faithfully that experience and wisdom are also given by the years, so we seek that our team has people of all ages and that the youngest can grow within the company and develop professionally.


“We create based on the respect for animals, our planet and valuing the Colombian talent”.